What is More Relevant in Spring Nail Design: Classic Or Innovation?

It is worth noting that the fashionable manicure on the spring includes all sorts of spring designs, which will make it possible to realize interesting nail ideas not only creative fashionistas, but also for admirers of sophisticated classics.

So, the main trends of spring manicure:

Nude Manicure With Gold Accents

Neon Shades

Retro Design

Natural Textures and Translucent Coating

Perl Nail Polish

The most fashionable colors of the spring manicure are yellow, gray and purple shades. Colors of 2021 – yellow and gray – can perform a duet, in addition, a gray-pink manicure is traditionally popular, as well as a multicolored manicure.

The most popular spring design is flowers and a variety of twigs and leaves. Painting, stamping, sliders – everything is true! Especially good handsome spring manicure with flowers on pastel covering.

Carnivorous and animal prints do not lose their popularity.

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