Red Nails Design in 2021. Passion is Always in Fashion!

Adherents of classic style know that red manicure color is always relevant when you want to emphasize the refined taste and character of a real lady. Thin fingers with “bloody”, coral, purple, scarlet or cherry nails look elegant and incredibly seductive. Red and its shades belong to the universal colors, because they go well with almost any image and style of clothing.

Red can look unusual due to the different length and shape of the nails. For those who prefer unconventional design, the glossy coating is replaced by a matte one or decorative elements are added – rhinestones, foil, nail art. There are many options in the current season, and we will tell you about the most popular of them.

Among the most popular design options for manicure with red nails are:

Red French

Red nail polish can be used as a smile line or as a base color. This choice is a bold decision that is easy for those who love the color of passion and French manicure. Our selection of trends and ideas will help you “try on” red French manicure on nails of any shape and length so that it will successfully complement your individual style.

Red Manicure with Gold and Silver

The red color very much suits the glow. It helps it gain versatility and become even more expressive. That’s why red nail polish with a metallic effect looks so beautiful on the nails. Gold and silver accents can be made with polish with shimmer or glitter, also in the trend of foil and drawings.

Red Manicure with Rhinestones

The versatility of rhinestones is that they can be successfully combined with any other manicure techniques. The variety of shapes and colors of the stones themselves will help you choose the best option for your nails. White, gold, blue, yellow, blue, blue and purple pebbles harmoniously combine with a red base. If the basis of manicure geometric nail art, try to pick up rhinestones in the following principle: a round pebble in the center of a triangle or the center of a square, and a square pebble in the center of a diamond, ellipse.

Red Matte Manicure with Design

Matte finish always looks exquisite and stylish. For red matte manicure, bright, saturated shades of nail polish are recommended. The design is better to choose laconic (for example, simple drawings made in neutral shades). If you want to add rhinestones, limit their number to a minimum.

Red and Black Manicure with Design

The combination of red and black colors in the manicure looks very effective and always draws maximum attention. That is why this design is not often used for everyday manicure. And, on the contrary, in evening and holiday images it will be more than appropriate. The most popular and fashionable variants of red and black coating with design: manicure with confetti, ombré, shiny accents on 1-2 nails (rhinestones, glitter, foil) and, of course, drawings (the best look geometry). The main thing is not to overdo it, because this design is already catchy in itself.

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