Pink Nails Design For Shot And Long Nails

The pink manicure is universal. Pink manicure on the hands always speaks of femininity and tenderness. Sometimes in bright interpretations, and sometimes in more light and airy. Pink has many shades, among which any girl will find a reflection of her character and style. Even if you choose pink at every manicure session, you will not be able to repeat yourself for years. The modern nail industry offers an extensive selection of interesting and fashionable designs.

Pink Manicure with Design

Pink manicure 2021 pleases with a variety of not only shades, but also designs. Among the most popular and topical: speckled effect, baby boomer and ombré, shiny decor foil and glitter, marble manicure, french manicure, floral motifs, drawings of fruits and berries.

Pink Matte Manicure with Design

A matte top will make even the usual pink coating show itself in an unexpected way. No matter what shade of pink you choose, the velvety texture will make the delicate shades even softer and the bright pink manicure more interesting.

The splash effect, abstraction and ombré look stylish on a matte finish. A beautiful pink manicure is also obtained by combining bright and nude shades with drawings, foil and glitter.

Pink Manicure оn Short Nails

One of the hottest trends in the nail industry – short natural nails – is perfectly combined with a manicure in pink tones. Powder and nude shades look elegant and gentle on such nails, bright – joyful and catchy. In the first case, the ideal shape of the nails will be an oval, in the second – a square.

For a pastel palette, stylists recommend a baby-boomer design, geometric patterns and rhinestones. Flowers, fruits and berries will look winningly on a bright and saturated nail polish.

Pink Manicure оn Long Nails

Long nails, despite some aggressiveness, look great not only with juicy and bright shades of nail polish, but also with a delicate pastel coating of pink, thanks to which they are ready to demonstrate the romanticism and softness of your nature. By the way, the most popular shades of pink for manicure on long nails today are exactly nude and pastel tones.

Fashionable Color Combinations With Pink Nail Polish

Pink Plus Gray

The tandem of gray and pink is harmonious and elegant. A perfect combination of delicate shades of pink and soft pastel gray.

Pink and Black

It’s important to use the “right” pink – for example, ashy pink, yogurt or raspberry. The most stylish example of such a combination is a manicure with a splash effect (black splashes on a matte pink background).

Pink and White

A gentle and soft combination. It looks great in baby boomer, ombré, and in combination with other designs.

Pink and Blue

These shades look best in pastel tones – gentle, soft and very feminine.

Pink with Silver and Gold

Manicure masters give us a variety of ideas of pink manicure: with silver foil and glitter, shiny stripes and moonshine in the moon manicure, in geometric patterns and ombré – all this looks spectacular and festive.

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