Pedicure 2021: Trendy Designs and Novelties

A beautiful pedicure is as important as a neat manicure. Of course, feet should always be in perfect order, but the warm season is especially demanding for pedicure – after all, open shoes.

What will be the most fashionable design for a pedicure this year? We have collected for your fashionable novelties and ideas for pedicure, which you can implement now.

Trends in manicure are often repeated in the pedicure – in fact, ideally the coverage on the hands and feet should be done in the same style. But it all depends on your preferences.

French Nails

French pedicure is elegant, graceful and laconic. It’s not without reason that this design is relevant for more than one season, and it’s not going to give up its position in the future. As well as the French manicure, it is influenced by fashion trends: in addition to the traditional nude coating and white “smile” nail-art masters offer color variations, combination of French and other techniques and decoration.

Glitter Nails

Camifubuki, glitter and rhinestones perfectly complement a pedicure in bright colors, and a modest nude coating. The most fashionable pedicure with glitter decor is a pedicure with foil.

Geometry Nails

And again designers offer us to remember the lessons of geometry: lines, dots and shapes can be drawn or glued, or you can use to create fancy patterns a recent innovation – a gel-pattern.

Matte Pedicure

A laconic matte pedicure is beautiful at any time of the year. In addition, matte varnish in many shades looks much more advantageous than the glossy version.

Holographic Pedicure

This bright, original and eye-catching design is a godsend for those who love to be the center of attention.

Flowers and Fruits

Summer manicure has always been distinguished not only by bright colors, but also by colorful drawings. All sorts of berries and fruits, flowers and leaves – all this will add mood to your image and become a highlight of any pedicure.

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