Nude Pedicure: Monochrome, With Glitter, With Drawings and Other

Nude gel pedicure polish is still on trend. This coating is versatile: it goes with any skin color and shoes of all colors.

Nude shades are eye-catching and graceful colors. With this tone, incredibly elegant and luxurious manicure and pedicure designs are performed. The perfection of nude shades is undeniable. Their simple, but gentle tone allows you to decorate any image of a woman. For a pedicure, you can use any color, the main thing is that it does not merge with the tone of the skin.

Trendy pedicure in the style of nude has significant advantages, the main of which is brevity and versatility. Nude shades are the perfect basis for a bright pedicure design. Drawings look great on it and any decor will be appropriate.

Monochrome Nude Pedicure

A monochrome finish is the most win-win option for a nude pedicure. This romantic design will fit perfectly into any woman’s look. The idea of a monochrome coating will allow you to choose open shoes for any event. Groomed nails will only emphasize the perfect fashionista’s bow.

Nude Pedicure With Glitter

Just a little glitter or golden elements will only increase the effect of a perfect nude pedicure. There is no need to clutter the design with too many bright details, otherwise the nude will lose its elegance.

In a nude pedicure, you can choose any color of sequins.  Such a contrasting transition will allow you to finish the image of a simultaneously feminine and bright woman.

Nude Pedicure With Drawings

If you decide to add a pattern to your nude pedicure, it is worth choosing delicate and flowing designs, patterns or lines. The drawing should highlight the eye-catching natural shade of the polish. You can choose white and draw a romantic airy flower.

Nude Pedicure With Rhinestones

You can accentuate the refined pedicure with a scattering of multicolored rhinestones. The design will be both stylish and attractive. The mesmerizing shine and natural tone of the nail polish creates a perfect combination in the design.

Nude shades come in a variety of tones, from white to more pink. Depending on this, pretty rhinestones are also chosen. White, gold and pink pebbles look great on a more natural shade of nail polish. On a dark natural shade, you can lay out colorful purple, blue, green rhinestones. Extravagant women can also add a black scattering of shiny elements.

Nude Pedicure With Design

The design can be chosen absolutely any way. Nude colors accept all nail polish tones without exception. Also harmonious on a natural tone look different design options of the nail art industry. Choose the most on-trend ideas that will finish the image of a seductive lady.

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