Undisputed Trends of Nail Art Design

Each manicure design, which you will see today in our excursion into the world of beauty and perfection, represents those or other nail-art trends, which are the reflection of trends, and have become the undisputed trends of nail-art.

Each season brings something of its own, intimate and special to the fashionable manicure design 2021-2022, transforming not only your nails, but also complementing your stylish images in this or that season.

In spring and summer decorate your nails with spring and summer ornamental motifs, drawing bright and delicate flowers, hearts, monograms, dots and catchy, colorful strokes on your nails.

In autumn and winter, choose manicure design 2021-2022 in spectacular, rich and deep color variations, gradient ombré, traditional and classic techniques, etc.

For the period when nature is going to take a break from the garishness of spring and summer days, seasonal designs will be relevant.

In particular, for autumn – manicure design with leaves, twigs, raindrops and light haze and other elements demonstrating the beauty of nature.

In winter, refresh your manicure design with cute winter and festive patterns and drawings, applying charming snowflakes to your nails, charming lace and ethno patterns that remind you of drawings on a frozen window, or an old knitted sweater from your childhood.

Let’s take a look at the new nail art designs, pictures with patterns, themed patterns and decorations.


Simple and Easy Nail Art Design

Marble Nail Art

Black Nail Art

Pink Nail Art

Red Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art Design

Nail Art Snowflakes


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