Beauty Marble Nail Design and Popular Nail Art

Nature inspires people with its beauty. Professional manicurists and nail art amateurs are creating more and more interesting images that intersect with nature. A popular nail art trend today is the marble manicure, which reflects all the beauty of rock stones.

Marble on the nails: design features

  • The special appeal of the manicure is based on the imitation of natural stone, which is distinguished by its incredible natural beauty.
  • The uniqueness of the figure: each marble manicure is unique.
  • It is possible to use several colors at once in the design. The creation of drawings can be made on the basis of different shades.
  • Unusualness: this design is able to surprise others.
  • Effectiveness of the design. Making the marble effect can be done on all nails or on a few.
  • A lot of variants of execution.
  • Easy, interesting technology, which even a beginner can do.

Elegant nail art will be a good addition to business or casual looks, and marble nails with decor will be a great choice for a festive option.

Pink And White Marble Nails

Grey Marble Nails

Purple Marble Nails

Matte Marble Nails

Coffin Marble Nails

Yellow And Orange Marble Nails


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