Fashionable Summer Nail Design in 2021

Summer and manicure are inseparable in 2021, because summer is the perfect time to experiments with looks. Trendsetters from the nail industry are sure in this. They generally support everyone who loves to expand the beauty-horizons and sees in the nail-art a means of self-expression. Why don’t you look at manicure from this point of view?

Summer Design with Volume Effect

Аnimalistic Print

Minimalism in Design

Non-Classical French in Summer Manicure

Nude and Pastel

Neon Nail Design

Lemon and Yellow

Negative Space

Summer manicure with transparent inserts, which create the impression as if the colored elements were “cut out” from the general background, is another fashionable technique of the season.

Art Manicure

Mineral Nails for Summer

Baby Boomer

Here are some beautiful new nail design and manicure ideas for summer that you can safely implement on your nails in 2021.

Fashionable nail design for summer would not be complete without an equally intriguing summer pedicure, which also fits wonderfully into the bright images for summer with open shoes.

It’s no secret that every single type of nail design has its own subtleties and charms, and in summer manicure – a lot of them. Therefore, what will be the most fashionable summer manicure for the season 2021 we are ready to tell you in this photo review with colorful and gorgeous examples of fashionable summer manicure for every taste.

Trendy summer manicure will please with a number of novelties and fashionable approaches in the execution of the best summer nail design. Summer nail art designs will be wonderful and colorful. The abundance of fruits, flowers, animals and birds will delight the lovely leis this summer. Enchanting will be the summer nail art with leaves and branches, which are so delicate and subtle for the summer season.

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