Cool Ombre Nail Design Ideas to Copy

A beautiful gradient manicure design is always interesting and original, both on its own and in tandem with other fashionable designs, attracting increased interest in the well-groomed hands with an unsurpassed nail design.

While ombre has been wildly popular in hair and couture, its whimsical gradient of tones – from shadow to light – is stylishly transforming nails in the same fashion. Your nails play an important role in presenting a chic impression and will need to be dressed up too.


French Ombre Manicure

Using the technique of gradient manicure, you can get a chic French look with a white “smile” in the form of a stretch of color. It looks like such a French manicure is incredibly gentle and cute thanks to the use of beige and white gel polish, as well as glitter and rhinestones. That’s why the trendy gradient French is often the best wedding nail design idea.

Ombre Manicure with Rhinestones and Glitter

Trendy gradient manicure looks great with rhinestone decorations, as well as sequins in different variations. Use glitter and larger sequins, which will give expressiveness and effect to the fashionable gradient manicure for the evening and celebration.

Multicolor Gradient on Nails

A playful and cute ombre manicure can be made with multicolored gel nail polish in a gentle pastel palette that looks very stylish in a gradient technique. With such a multicolored gradient manicure you will be in a good mood.

Ombrе Stripes Design

A gentle ombrе manicure you can get with the help of gradient stripes, alternating with each other. The fashion trend of the season is to use a different design on each hand – on one you can create a striped ombré effect, and on the thumb of the other to do some cute drawing – in our case a bear with a hood on his head. With such a gradient manicure you certainly will not be bored!

Matte Ombrе Nails

The main trend of fashionable ombré manicure this season is a matte top or the use of matte gel-lacquers, without which most of the trendy types of nail-art design in this technique will not work. Especially effective looks neon matte gradient, as well as the most delicate nude ombré manicure in matte design. In both cases, you can use sparkling nail jewelry, which in contrast to the matte effect will be more expressive.

Ombre with Drawings

Using a stretch of color in a subtle solution as a base, you can perform all kinds of drawings on the nails. For the summer is perfect for bright colors, for other seasons – choose softer tones ombré manicure with drawings. Flamingos, palm trees, branches, flowers combine perfectly with gradient design nail style ombré 2021-2022. It is best to perform the drawing on one accent finger, so as not to weigh down the manicure with gradient.

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