Short Nails Design

Short Nails Design – Fashionable Manicure

Manicure on short nails is the main trend in the fashionable manicure of the season 2021. Stylish manicure and well-groomed hands always look beautiful and attract attention, both men and women. The original and fashionable manicure design on short nails can be created in different variations. This gentle manicure on short nails in nude and […]

Nails French Tip Stylish Nail Design Ideas

French manicure is a permanent hit of fashion. Stylish and universal it perfectly combined with all the colors and serves as an excellent basis for any decor. You can find very bright examples of French with drawings and lots of different decorations in the form of sequins, ribbons and stones, which fit perfectly into such […]

Nail Art Design

Undisputed Trends of Nail Art Design

Each manicure design, which you will see today in our excursion into the world of beauty and perfection, represents those or other nail-art trends, which are the reflection of trends, and have become the undisputed trends of nail-art. Each season brings something of its own, intimate and special to the fashionable manicure design 2021-2022, transforming […]

Marble Nail Design

Beauty Marble Nail Design and Popular Nail Art

Nature inspires people with its beauty. Professional manicurists and nail art amateurs are creating more and more interesting images that intersect with nature. A popular nail art trend today is the marble manicure, which reflects all the beauty of rock stones. Marble on the nails: design features The special appeal of the manicure is based […]

Сoffin Nails Design Trends In 2021

Coffin Nails Design Trends In 2021

The second name of this form is “pointe shoes”. It is a slightly tapered nail: a cross between almond and square shape. There are many stars who are not indifferent to coffin nails. The first to be spotted were Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. There are several reasons for the popularity of the Сoffin […]