Pink Nails Design

Pink Nails Design For Shot And Long Nails

The pink manicure is universal. Pink manicure on the hands always speaks of femininity and tenderness. Sometimes in bright interpretations, and sometimes in more light and airy. Pink has many shades, among which any girl will find a reflection of her character and style. Even if you choose pink at every manicure session, you will […]

Red Nails Design in 2021

Red Nails Design in 2021. Passion is Always in Fashion!

Adherents of classic style know that red manicure color is always relevant when you want to emphasize the refined taste and character of a real lady. Thin fingers with “bloody”, coral, purple, scarlet or cherry nails look elegant and incredibly seductive. Red and its shades belong to the universal colors, because they go well with […]

Black Nails Design

New Perfect Black Nails Design

The times when black nails were associated exclusively with gothic and grunge styles are gone. Today, the fashionable black manicure is almost a classic. Black is the perfect base for decorating. Laconic geometry, dots and strokes are suitable for everyday manicure. So what new designs do masters of manicure offer us in 2021? Black French […]

White Nail Design

Purity and Femininity in White Nail Design

The impeccability of white is expressed in everything. Symbolizing purity and femininity, white never goes out of style, so a beautiful white manicure has long been called a classic. The white classics on the nails, which brides prefer in the wedding manicure, with each season finds new interpretations, bringing to the fore those or other […]

Marble Nail Design

Beauty Marble Nail Design and Popular Nail Art

Nature inspires people with its beauty. Professional manicurists and nail art amateurs are creating more and more interesting images that intersect with nature. A popular nail art trend today is the marble manicure, which reflects all the beauty of rock stones. Marble on the nails: design features The special appeal of the manicure is based […]