Bright Colors and Themed Pedicure on the Sea

Summer is coming, the vacation season is coming, girls are transformed in anticipation of vacations and travel to the sea. The beach closet is refreshed – in accordance with the fashion trends of the current year. Instead of the strict office style, which applies not only to the clothes, but also to the appearance, come the bright and juicy colors. Girls with all their looks are trying to show that they are going on vacation, even doing a special pedicure at sea. Decorating the nails in the summer (especially when it comes to a trip to the sea) has its own characteristics.

Sand, pebbles and sea water are not the best friends of the pedicure. To keep the color as long as possible without burning or fading, apply a layer of super glossy top on your nails. As for designs, choose bright colors and themed designs.


There are a lot of options for nail decoration. Masters of nail art recommend not to restrain your imagination and fantasy. There is no need to be afraid to be bright and original, because the juicy colors of nail polish will advantageously shade the tanned skin. Make bold decisions, carry out experiments, and the result is sure to please you.

Nail-art experts recommend using gel nail polish as a coating for pedicure when traveling to the sea. This decorative coating is characterized by increased stability: it is not afraid of the sand, as well as sea salt water. You can swim and bask in the hot sand without worrying about the state of your nails. Gel will withstand any load. The condition of the coating will remain excellent, as after a visit to the beauty salon.

A White Pedicure Will Emphasize Your Tan

At the seaside the skin acquires a beautiful bronze color. The golden hue of the skin will emphasize the light clothing and white pedicure. On vacation, light-colored polishes always look brighter, but this applies only to matte tones that are not diluted with another pigment.

Summer Delicacies on the Nails

Going on vacation, think of gastronomic delights. Simple landscapes with a marine theme can replace the various sweets depicted on the nails. Today the nail industry offers many fashionable variations: drawings with cocktails, ice cream dessert pictures made on different backgrounds, cakes, fruits.

Sea Theme

A nautical-inspired pedicure is the most common and often performed ornament during the vacation season. However, with the right approach, the outdated blue nautical theme can safely be replaced with beautiful subjects from the water depths.

Elements of a beach vacation become a decoration for the nails. Nail art is so versatile that resorting to the classic theme with white and blue stripes is not necessary. On the fingers nail-industry specialists depict even flip-flops, which belong to the non-trivial art.

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