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Pedicure 2021: Trendy Designs and Novelties

Nail Design of Different Styles

An uplifting mood and a desire to surreptitiously admire your hands are feelings familiar to every girl leaving the salon after a manicure. An interesting nail design will emphasize and complement the special image of its owner. Modern materials transform nails into a work of art. Gel polish is not losing ground - it is still a relevant choice. This is not surprising, because it makes it possible to embody almost any fantasy.

Monochromatic coatings of any color look refined and elegant. In the spring, girls tend to choose delicate, bright and light shades, which were so lacking during the cold, dark winter. In the summer, with the onset of the vacation time, it is permissible to come off and apply the brightest and most juicy colors, because the office dress code ceases to dictate the rules. Neon and light, up to white varnishes look good on tanned hands. In winter and autumn, colors become restrained, obeying the tone of clothing and the mood of the seasons.

Types of Nail Designs

You can decorate a monochromatic manicure in many ways, among which every girl will find an option to her taste. Foil decor is still in vogue. Diverse color, interesting texture and unique form of prints make each design unique. A discreet matte sheen will brighten and set off any base color, and if you want bolder solutions, then choose a bright mirror foil and enjoy the original effect. Rubbing in will also make any manicure more interesting. One or two nails, decorated with iridescence, have already become classics of this trend. But all nails decorated with a mirror shine look good. Good news for lovers of matte nails: this manicure holds high positions. According to the observations of the masters, a matte manicure looks fresher longer, scratches and cracks are not noticeable on it, and it does not bore as quickly as a bright gloss.

Nails French Tip

Rhinestones, small and large, single, lined with a pattern or covering the entire nail, remain in demand as well. The perfect choice for a luxurious evening look. Look especially good against the background of deep burgundy, black, green shades. In artificial light, their play and play of shine will decorate your hands no worse than real jewelry. A considerable niche is occupied by art painting, drawings and monograms, gradients and graphic patterns. It is difficult to find a master who will soundly paint on nails, but such a painting in miniature looks incredibly impressive. Monograms evoke thoughts of the Victorian era, lavish balls and sophisticated ladies. The clear graphics, on the other hand, look ultra-modern and youthful.

Styles of nail designs for different seasons

The length of the nails deserves a separate discussion. At its peak, the almond shape and medium length, but short nails covered with dark varnish, look no less impressive. The only negative, in a small area, the master does not always manage to bring your ideas and fantasies to life. Also keep in mind that very light varnish does not look particularly advantageous on short nails. Fortunately, in modern fashion, there are no clear frames and strict rules for combining colors. The only rule in creating a modern manicure is the absence of one! The price is individuality, and your choice cannot be wrong, the main thing is that you like it. Don't be afraid to experiment and change images.

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